A readingresource.net parent sent us this question regarding Response to Intervention:

My son’s school uses something the teachers call RTI. I am not sure exactly what that means I just know that my child is screened for reading progress a couple times a month. Can you tell me more about RTI and exactly how it benefits my son? Any insights you could provide would be appreciated.

The good news is that your son’s school is using a Response to Intervention model. This model is much preferred over some more traditional models used to provide reading support. The bad news is that RTI is sometimes difficult to understand for teachers and parents alike!

The National Research Center on Learning Disabilities published a fantastic resource called The ABC's of RTI: A Guide for Parents. The document reviews the important components of RTI and also provides parents with important questions they can ask about RTI during parent/teacher conferences.

Hope this information helps you! If you have specific questions about your son's individual reading data we would be happy to help interpret.

-Steve & Katie

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