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Reading Fluency Flash Cards

The vowel sounds in our language contain the majority of code variation and code overlap. Teach kids to properly decode words by explicitly and systematically showing them the advanced code through the use of our specially compiled Reading Fluency Flash Cards.

These are not your ordinary sight word flash cards that are randomly thrown together for kids to memorize. Teach them to read, not memorize!


  1. They organize common high frequency and sight words by sound.
  2. They offer effective ways to provide corrective feedback that works.
  3. They systematically teach all spelling patterns for each vowel sound.
  4. They allow kids to figure out the "tricky" parts of a word independently.
  5. They are great for center activities.
  6. They provide a quick and easy way to practice decoding skills prior to small guided reading groups.
  7. They reinforce whole group phonics lessons.
  8. Parents and volunteers can easily learn to use them.
  9. They work! Trust us. We use them all the time.
  10. They compliment any existing reading program.

We've done all the hard work for you. We've created the word lists. We've organized the sounds. We've made sure all spelling patterns are included. We've even color coded the cards for you!

All you have to do is save our template and when ready, print on full Avery Labels 8163 sheets. Simply use the new labels to make your cards. For $9.99 you'll save yourself hours of prep time. Reading Fluency Flash cards are a great supplement to any reading program.

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Fluency Builder Passages

Fluency Builders do just oral reading fluency. As children read through the text, the sentences 'build' upon themselves as one additional word is added to each line. This format naturally enhances fluency and because our passages are organized by vowel sound they provide great decoding practice as well. Struggling and new readers benefit from the built in fluency support that fluency builders provide.

They work with any reading program. Great for small group, centers, partner reading, and homework practice! Parents and volunteers find them easy to use too!

Now Available! Visit the Download Central page!

Reading Fluency Flash Cards and Fluency Builders

More video demonstrating Reading Fluency Flash Cards and Fluency Builder Passages with a first grade student.

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