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Directions included! READ-O can be used in a variety of ways to keep your students practicing important skills at home during each month of the school year. READ-O is especially useful for helping parents practice important literacy skills with children and offers a fun and effective way to keep kids engaged in academic activities...especially during winter, spring, and summer breaks!

We've scaffolded the ELA Common Core month by month in a black and white template, easy for printing for each of your students!

  • August/September: Reading Foundation & Reading Literature
  • October: Reading Foundation, Reading Literature, & Language
  • November: Reading Foundation, Reading Literature, & Language
  • December: Reading Foundation, Language, & Speaking and Listening
  • January: Reading Foundation, Reading Informational Text, & Language
  • February: Reading Foundation, Language, & Writing
  • March: Reading Informational Text, Language, & Writing
  • April: Reading Literature, Language, & Writing
  • May/June: Reading Literature, Language, & Writing

Suggested Use
At the first of each month send home each month’s READ-O sheet. Challenge your students or children to complete as many of the boxes as they can. They can complete five in a row, morethan five, or try and complete the entire page. Offer incentives as you feel appropriate in your classroom to keep students engaged in important literacy skills outside of the classroom.

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-Katie and Steve