Prefix & Suffix Basketball $2.99
3 games in 1

Prefix Suffix Basketball

Help students learn the most frequently occurring prefixes and suffixes with our Common Core aligned "Basketball Games".

Included in this download are THREE games to help students hear prefixes and suffixes and games to practice reading the common prefixes and suffixes...which can be done in the small and large group setting.

Game #1 BINGO: A multi-syllabic twist to the classic Bingo game. The teacher reads a word aloud and the players must determine which prefix or suffix it has. Players place a game marker over the word until someone gets a BINGO.

Game #2 GAME TIME: Divide the players into two equal teams. Each team takes turns drawing a Foul Shot (easy words), Two Pointer (more difficult words), or Three Pointer (the toughest multi-syllabic words). Players may decide which card to read so everyone experiences success. If the word is read correctly, they tally their points on the score card sheet. After the 4th Quarter, players add up their totals. The team with the most points, wins!

Game #3 HORSE: A classic head to head HORSE game. Each player receives a “Horse Game Mat” found on page 17. The first player draws a Foul Shot, Two Pointer, or Three Pointer card. If they are able to read it correctly, the next player MUST draw from that same pile. If they are able to read it correctly, it becomes the next player’s turn...but if they do not read it correctly, they must color in a letter on their “Horse Game Mat”. The first player that has to color in all their letters loses the game!

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